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1.4 - Transfer Logs, Media Hash Lists and native SxS support

Hi there!

This version comes with some new features, some improvements and a couple of fixes.


  • Premium: MHL (Media Hash List) files are created for each transfer.
  • Premium: Transfer Log files are created for each transfer.
  • Native support has been added for Sony SxS disks.
  • Added very easy company-wide deployment mechanism.


  • The ETA algorithm keeps getting better!
  • The new EULA has a TLDR; (Too Long, Didn’t Read) summary.
  • The Script Log alway outputs the actual amount of bytes copied, even if a transfer wasn’t successful.
  • We've trimmed the text output in the Transfer View to make it easier on the eyes.
  • Open the Transfer Log window with ⌘-L.
  • The Script Log can now be opened with Shift-⌘-L.
  • The Progress Bars are now more precise, not reserving space for ignored files (.Trashes et al).


  • Ignoring a NAS no longer causes a crash. Thanks for reporting this!
  • Using international characters was an issue for some, no longer.

Download Hedge for Mac 1.4